A heartwarming message from Birce Akalay to İbrahim Çelikkol
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30 March 2023 10:45


A heartwarming message from Birce Akalay to İbrahim Çelikkol

İbrahim Çelikkol, who gave life to the character of Mehdi in the TV series My Home My Destiny, impresses the audience with her amazing performance. İbrahim Çelikkol is someone who adds soul to the character and does not play but lives that character …

The actress, who did not fall off the agenda with the series, draws attention with her son Ali on social media with her different poses. The actor often shares his moments with his son. This time, the father and son enjoyed an autumn ..

The trip of İbrahim Çelikkol and his son Ali in the forest with his yellowing and fallen leaves, falling rain, the smell of wet soil and winter clothes attracted great attention from his fans.

Birce Akalay, who loved this photo of İbrahim Çelikkol, with whom she acted together in the Price Of Passion series, which wounded the hearts of the audience for a period and ended due to script errors, could not stop without comment.

The actress said, “Oh, what a beauty! Never leave your hands.”

This interpretation of Akalay also increased the interaction considerably. The post received over 140 thousand likes.


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