Artists News Tuvana Türkay beats Coronavirus

Tuvana Türkay beats Coronavirus

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Famous actress Tuvana Türkay went to England in recent weeks and shared her social media accounts a while ago. It turned out that the player was caught in the coronavirus.

It was wondered where Tuvana Türkay, who shared her Instagram account, caught the virus. The actress we watched with the character of Leyla in the last Forbidden Fruit series was treated at home.

After the quarantine process, it was determined that the player who had the retest was negative this time.

The player, who shared her Instagram account, gave the good news as follows: “Hello everyone, I got over Covid. I have been at home for 16 days and as a result of the tests, it became clear that I am negative now. ”

The actress, who will continue her job interviews, emphasized that she wants to donate blood for immune plasma treatment.

Tuvana Türkay, “My blood type is A rh +. She once again demonstrated her helpfulness by saying that those in need can send a message.