Cansu Dere's pose made her fans happy
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25 March 2023 12:06


Cansu Dere’s pose made her fans happy

Famous actress Cansu Dere gives life to the Asya character in the TV series Unfaithful, which is broadcast on the Channel D screen on Wednesday evenings. The famous actress makes a strong impression on social media with her occasional posts from the set.

It was a very important development that the series attracted great attention and was rated The Ottoman in some categories. Cansu Dere, who fits the Asya character very well and makes her fans happy with her acting, released her loving pose from the set.

In this post, which enchanted the fans of Cansu Dere, the actress, who showed a warm interest to her animal friend by saying “They are good to have it”, received thousands of likes. Stating that dogs sniffed people under the wreckage in the Izmir earthquake and provided their salvation, the followers found the sharing very meaningful.

Cansu Dere received many compliments for her sympathy. It was noteworthy that foreign fans also made comments in their own language.

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