A new character is coming to the Arıza, a surprise player has been chosen!
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27 November 2022 14:52


A new character is coming to the Arıza, a surprise player has been chosen!

Tolga Sarıtaş and Ayça Ayşin Turan play the leading roles in the series Arıza, which meets the audience on the Show TV screen on Sunday evenings. The harmonious collaboration and high energy of the two famous names was also an important factor in the interest of the series.

With the launch of the Redemption series, Arıza fell behind in the competition on Sunday evenings. Steps were expected to be taken to move the story of the series. One of those steps was decided. A new character will join the action-packed story of the Arıza series. The actress who will play the character has also been determined. The name of the new female character will be Seda.

According to journalist Birsen Altuntaş’s backstage information, the person who will give life to the character of Seda is Eda Şölenci. Many people got to know the young actress through the commercial she starred with Tolga Çevik.

Şölenci actually took part in some ambitious series. The actress, who stayed for a short time in the series of Sunshine Girls, gave life to the character of Çiler Bakırcı in the production called A.K.A. The Legend. Şölenci, who appeared as Pelin Erdem in Lion Family, appeared on the screen as Nalan Doruk in the TV series Love Makes You Cry.

Eda Şölenci has not been in TV series for a while. After a 1-year hiatus, the player returned to acting again with the Arıza set.

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