Someone participated in the Warriors that he could even forget Berk Oktay in the future!
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4 December 2022 22:29


Someone participated in the Warriors that he could even forget Berk Oktay in the future!

After the Warriors series marked the 4th season, it had a big crisis at the beginning of the 5th season. Berk Oktay, the leading actor, left and joined the Forbidden Fruit series. In addition, Gaye Turgut Evin said goodbye to the TV series and started to take place in the cast of Tövbeler Olsun which was broadcast on TRT1.

Other separation news came from the series. Elit Andaç Çam, who played Gökçen, also left the production with the character of Demir Döğer. Feyza Sevil Güngör, who played the character Ayça, also said goodbye to the team.

After these separations in the Warriors series, fans thought that the production could not return. However, the reports show that this is not the case. It turned out that a great preparation was made for the Warriors series to return to the screen with a new concept and cast.

Interviews with Ekin Mert Daymaz for the series were also reflected in the press. A new piece of information gave an important sign that the Warriors series could return to the screen strongly.

According to the backstage information of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, Erkan Meriç joined the cast of the series with the character of Bektaş Subaşı. Making an agreement with the player is a very important development.

Erkan Meriç stepped into his acting career with the series Acayip Hikayeler (Strange Stories) in 2012. He attracted attention with Erkan in the TV series Beyaz Karanfil (White Clove). However, the main role that brought him to the fore was the character of Ömer in the daily series named Prisoner of Love. As you will remember, the actor shared the lead role with Hazal Subaşı at the time the series was aired.

Afterwards, both names left the series. There was no information about Erkan Meriç that he took a role in a different production after the separation. In other words, Meriç, who has not been on the screen for a long time but is very curious about his fans, will soon meet his fans again with the Warriors series. This will greatly increase the excitement of your followers.

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