Artists News Will Kubilay Aka have a chance on the road that made Berk Oktay famous for a while?

Will Kubilay Aka have a chance on the road that made Berk Oktay famous for a while?


Soldier TV series are among the projects that are highly appreciated by Turkish TV audiences. The TV series Savaşçı (Warrior) and Söz (Oath) are remembered as unforgettable soldier series at this point.

Berk Oktay, who plays the leading role in the Savaşçı series, owes his fame to his success in this project. We saw that the series, in which Berk Oktay played the leading role for 4 seasons, had great success.

Even though the fifth season of the Savaşçı project was filmed after Berk Oktay left the series after a disagreement, it was not effective. After Savaşçı, Fox TV started a new attempt to attract viewers to its own screen with a soldier series.

This time, the project named Dokuz Oğuz (Nine Oghuz) was screened with a big claim in the 2022-2023 season.

The fourth episode of the series Dokuz Oğuz, starring Kubilay Aka and Yasemin Allen, has been left behind. However, the ratings are far below expectations. In other words, the viewers either did not notice the series of Dokuz Oğuz or did not care much about it yet.

Whereas, there was a large audience watching the Savaşçı series wildly, but these audiences have not yet been attracted to the series of Dokuz Oğuz.

Kubilay Aka’s chance to increase popularity with a military series like Berk Oktay stands in front of him this time.

Of course, the success of the series will play an important role in the career of the actor.

Although Kubilay Aka, who became famous with the Çukur (The Pit) series in his career that started with Vatanım Sensin, had the opportunity to increase his popularity with a soldier series, the ratings may prevent this situation.

There were some allegations that the series was likely to be canceled, but it is expected that Fox TV will watch the situation for a few more episodes and then decide.

For Kubilay Aka, on the other hand, will the role of the soldier, which he suits well, be long-term or will it remain as a short excitement, the fans are eagerly waiting.