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21 May 2022 20:15


A new decision that will increase Can Yaman’s popularity all over the world!

The name Can Yaman currently carries great meaning for millions in many countries of the world. However, Can Yaman has not spread all over the world as much as a Hollywood star. But the deal was made that would give the famous actor such great popularity.

Can Yaman is very popular especially in Italy, Spain and South American countries. Although he has fans in different countries of the world, the people who watch his TV series are the ones who show the most interest in the actor. It seems that the deal that will enlarge this important audience and elevate Can Yaman as a Hollywood legend will be the agreement he made with Disney Plus.

The actor, who went to Italy for the TV series Sandokan, but then took the lead role in the TV series Viola Come Il Mare, was on the same set with Francesca Chillemi. The teasers of the series have been released and will soon meet with the audience at Canele 5.

Can Yaman did not stay idle during this process and accepted the offer from Disney Plus. The actor will take the lead role in a new series signed by Ay Yapım. The name of this new series was determined as El Turco…

While Kerem Deren is writing the script of the series, an important director like Uluç Bayraktar will reveal the story.

With Can Yaman’s Disney Plus projects, there is an opportunity to appeal to an even larger audience in many countries of the world. This shows that the actor can achieve much greater popularity in the coming period.

The world-class actor who will accompany Can Yaman in this series and will surprise everyone, will also benefit greatly in the promotion of the El Turco series. Disney Plus is positioning Turkey as a series of production bases by taking very important steps, and it seems that many Turkish actors like Can Yaman will get the first fruits of this.

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