Series News A new era begins in the Çöp Adam series that the audience is very curious about!

A new era begins in the Çöp Adam series that the audience is very curious about!


The duo of Elçin Sangu and Engin Altan Düzyatan excites the audience in the Çöp Adam (Stickman) series broadcast on Star TV on Wednesday evenings. An environment was created that harmonizes well and makes the audience curious with the different story of the series. The new steps taken by the screenwriters towards the course of the series seem to be talked about a lot.

With Tilbe Saran’s involvement in the story of the series as a psychiatrist, there will be a significant change in the Çöp Adam project. Series fans began to receive signs that a new era would begin. These signs stem from the expectation that the character of Peri will be treated and then what kind of person she will turn into.

Many fans of the TV series share many comments stating that they are very curious about the scenes of the psychiatrist and Peri, they hope that new details will emerge about her life, and that they wish Peri to recover after these sessions.

A number of fans say, “Now let’s see Peri’s recovery and after she recovers.”

So what will happen to Tamer when the Peri character gets better? This is one of the elements that the audience is curious about. It will be easy to create a new element of excitement for the screenwriters, as the subject of Tamer’s character will turn into a man after Peri’s recovery will come to the fore.

Many viewers think that if Peri recovers, Tamer will fall into the void again. While the screenwriters start a new era with psychiatrist scenes in the Çöp Adam series, the change in Peri and Tamer’s situations seems to be a new source of excitement for the audience.