Series News A new movie-like project is coming from actor Cem Belevi, including his girlfriend İrem Derici!

A new movie-like project is coming from actor Cem Belevi, including his girlfriend İrem Derici!

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Cem Belevi, who started his career as a singer and songwriter and added to his TV series acting, returned to the sets with the character of Efe in the series Aşk Mantık İntikam, broadcast on Fox TV on Friday evenings.

Cem Belevi, who also continues his music studies, is preparing to appear before the audience with a new project called “Cemiyet Gazinosu”. Acelya Topaloğlu, Yeşim Dalgıçer and İrem Derici accompany the artist in the project, the first trailers of which were published on social media. Mustafa Özen undertakes the production and directorship of the project, which is planned to be published on the digital platform.

Making a statement at the exit of the project on the celebration night, Cem Belevi said; “This is a project directed by my teacher Mustafa Özen and we have been working feverishly day and night for a long time. Only fragments have been released yet. Açelya Topaloğlu, Yeşim Dalgıçer and İrem Derici supported me in this project. It’s a project that hasn’t been done in Turkey, it includes a movie, a song, a TV series.”

Actress Yeşim Dalgıçer, who took part in the project, said, “We have made a very good project, but we cannot give details yet, because it will be revealed on February 11,” and stated that those who are curious should wait so that the surprise does not escape. Açelya Topaloğlu said that the project proposal came from Cem Belevi and said, “It was a collective work in which Mustafa Özen and İrem Derici also took part.”

When İrem Derici was asked about the details of the collective work; “I was very happy to meet Acelya and Yeşim and to do such a job. In this job, I really added a lot to myself in terms of acting by watching them. The idea for the project came from Cem. Right now, we are all together at the celebration evening of the project,” and chose not to give too many details.

Cem Belevi, the creator of the project, which aroused great interest with the release of the trailers on social media, reminded that the project called Cemiyet Gazinosu will be published on February 11, and stated that it will take place on the digital platform, but did not name the platform. However, İrem Derici stated that she will portray the character of Reyhan, one of the notable regulars of the Society Casino, in the project.

While Cem Belevi does not appear in the trailers of the project, which is planned as 6 episodes for now, it is possible to deduce that Açelya Topaloğlu and Yeşim Dalgıçer will be headliners working in the casino.