Artists News Cem Belevi both starred in the movie and played a mosque imam!

Cem Belevi both starred in the movie and played a mosque imam!


The latest teaser of the movie “Bana Beni Anlat”, which will be released on March 15, was marked by the scene in which one of the leading actors, the famous singer Cem Belevi, plays the mosque imam.

Produced by Mehmet Ali Şan as MSM Production and directed by Fuat Yılmaz, who also wrote the script of the film, the leading roles of the movie “Bana Beni Anlat” are shared by Cem Belevi and Hande Arısoy, while the cast of the movie includes Eren Pekgöz, Kahraman Sivri, Serkan Kuru, Gülnihal Demir, Açelya Elmas, Rukiye Bektaş and Dilan Dimil.


The romantic-comedy film “Bana Beni Anlat”, which also featured Cemal Hünal as a guest actor, tells the story of Çınar (Cem Belevi), who lost his family as a result of an accident and suffered from dementia due to trauma, and the developments and increasingly romantic relationship between his nurse Öykü (Hande Arısoy). It’s about the bond.

Cem Belevi, who plays Çınar, who wakes up every day with curiosity about different professions after the things he read and watched due to his illness has settled into his subconscious, plays a flirtatious firefighter in one scene and appears in front of the camera as a mosque imam in another scene.

The movie, which will be released on March 15, looks like it will make the audience laugh with its comedy scenes while moving you with its romantic scenes.