Artists News A new series decision from Tansel Öngel, who is on the agenda with the series Masumlar Apartmanı!

A new series decision from Tansel Öngel, who is on the agenda with the series Masumlar Apartmanı!


Famous actor Tansel Öngel became one of the later participants in the TV series named Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocent Apartments). The actor who played the character of Naci actually made a 13-episode deal and was included in the story as a guest. However, the fact that the series made a huge explosion in the first season and the character of Naci was loved by the audience extended the player’s presence in the project to a longer period.

With the Naci character taking part in the Masumlar Apartmanı in the second season, Tansel Öngel also made good use of the opportunity to be on the screen for a long time. In this process, the actress, who also presented the entertainment program named Maski Kimsin Sen, left behind a busy period.

After the Masumlar Apartmanı series said goodbye to the screen at the end of the second season, Tansel Öngel’s name was mentioned with the project called Hayallerim Babam ve Ben (My Dreams, My Father and Me), the new series of Kanal D.

Before the series, in which Berrak Tüzünataç and Ozan Dolunay took the lead roles, director Cevdet Mercan left, and then Tansel Öngel withdrew from the project.

So what did the actor say about it? Tansel Öngel, who met reporters on the street, reminded that she continues to play on Sundays. As for the TV series, the actor explained that a television series is on the agenda, not a digital project.

Tansel Öngel, “There are preparations for new works. We will have good news soon. I’m working, it’s busy. There’s something on TV. Its meeting continues intensively,” he said.

It is understood that Tansel Öngel especially puts the television series on his agenda and wants to take part in a long-term production in the winter season.

While the actor stated that the negotiations are still going on, I wonder if he talked about the project of Hayallerim Babam ve Ben, which was stated to be leaving, or is there another job? Details of this will be revealed soon.