Artists News Viewers are also wondering about the question mark in Merve Dizdar’s mind about the Ömer series

Viewers are also wondering about the question mark in Merve Dizdar’s mind about the Ömer series


Famous actress Merve Dizdar attracted attention with the first season of Erşan Kuneri, which was broadcast on Netflix, after the character of Gülben in the series Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocent Apartments), which lasted for two seasons, and this season she took part in the Star TV series Ömer.

Born in 1986 in İzmir, the actress once again enchanted her fans with her drama performance in the TV series Ömer, where she appeared with the character Nisa. The actress, who has signed one after another projects in both TV series, cinema and theater, attended the Cannes Film Festival held in France the other day.

The actress, who received applause for her role in Director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s film Kuru Otlak Üstüne, said that they had a happy process in Ömer’s TV series as well. It is not yet clear whether the series starring Gökçe Bahadır, Barış Falay and Selahattin Paşalı will continue in the second season.

On Monday evenings, the TV series Ömer gets very good ratings and the viewers want it to be on the screen in the new season. Although it is considered certain that Star TV will continue the project, it was also reflected in Merve Dizdar’s words that there was a question mark in her.

The actress spoke about the series as follows: “We had a very good season. I think it’s the season finale. I don’t know either. Let’s say it’s a good season. I am very happy, I am very lucky with your director, production and actor friends. The Masumlar Apartmanı was like that, and so was Ömer. I’m very happy inside, everyone is very happy too. We are doing a good job.”

The actress, who did not know whether the project would continue in the second season, revealed that the team had not yet received any information from the producer and channel management in this regard.

Explaining that she will be on the set for the second season of the Erşan Kuneri series in the summer and that she will take a short vacation, Merve Dizdar stated that she does not have a different plan for the next season by saying, “Then I hope we will continue the Ömer series.”

The actress is not bothered by being involved in both theater, cinema and serials and working hard. Merve Dizdar, who said, “I am very happy,” said that she was not affected by the negative comments towards her.

The actress said, “I don’t mind the comments, I would be happy if it was a positive comment. I wouldn’t be unhappy if it was a negative comment. Because everyone thinks differently. I don’t lie to anyone. Everyone may have an opinion, but I’m good, I’m happy,” she said.