Series News A new series offer that will bring Olgun Toker back to television!

A new series offer that will bring Olgun Toker back to television!


Born in Mersin in 1986, Olgun Toker is a name that draws attention with his versatile acting skills. Being able to play all kinds of roles successfully, Olgun Toker is a very talented person in entering different characters and making the audience feel that character.

Olgun Toker played an influential role in the production called “Arıza” last season. After the actor Arıza, he appeared on the television screen with the TV series Son Yaz. The actor, whom we watched with the character of Gökhan in the first season of Son Yaz, which was screened on Fox TV, then took part in the staff of a digital project called Mezarlık. The performance of Olgun Toker in the series “Arıza and Son Yaz” clearly demonstrated how successful he was, especially in his troubled man roles.

There are allegations that the series that Olgun Toker will return to the television screen will return to is the Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk… The series, whose preparations for TV8 continue, attracted everyone’s attention with the partnership of Engin Öztürk and İrem Helvacıoğlu.

Later, information spread that one of the new actors of the series was Selin Yeninci. It turned out that Selin Yeninci will take the lead role with a very different and resounding character in the story.

Müge Uğurlar will direct the series in which the shocking stories of two women will be told. You will watch the painful events of Meryem and Defne, who became pregnant at the same time, in the series where Makbule Kosif wrote her story.

There are reports that Olgun Toker was also offered an offer for the series, which appeared to include Ahmet Varlı in his cast. While the actor’s decision was eagerly awaited, the team intensified its preparations to go on the set soon.