Series News After 3 breakups, dark clouds are hovering over the Sadakatsiz series!

After 3 breakups, dark clouds are hovering over the Sadakatsiz series!


While the criticisms of the audience towards the Kanal D TV series “Sadakatsiz” continued, there was an expectation that new steps should be taken in the scenario and that the excitement would be increased by the participation of new characters in the series.

After Ali İl and Yeliz Kuvancı, the third name to leave the series was Burak Sergen. It was also a matter of curiosity where the story of the series, which lost its 3 important actors, will progress. The plans of Asya and Aras to settle in England and Ali’s being left in the middle because of Derin’s reluctance indicate that there will be important developments.

Series fans, on the other hand, warn in their comments on social media that if the story continues like this, the ratings loss will accelerate. After the Kuruluş Osman hooked a large audience to himself, the preference of the female audience was generally Sadakatsiz.

However, the project named “Oğlum” came to the Kanal D series as a competitor, and the Show TV series, which had good results in the first two episodes, began to attract the audience. Fans of the series, who are waiting for the continuation of Sadakatsiz and renewing itself, are wondering how the screenwriters will take a step.

Fans waiting for serious attacks in the series starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk, Melis Sezen and Berkay Ateş make comments stating that the story goes in a vicious circle and is no longer as exciting as it used to be.

The TV series Sadakatsiz became the most watched TV series on Wednesday evenings after the Kuruluş Osman. In fact, Loyalty, which can win first place from the Kuruluş Osman in some periods, is not that strong anymore.

The fact that the series “Oğlum” came out well after the spin-offs in the story and that it started to attract the audience to itself draws attention as a great danger for the TV series Sadakatsiz.