A new test for the Ah Nerede series, which started badly in the ratings!
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30 September 2022 11:59


A new test for the Ah Nerede series, which started badly in the ratings!

The ratings of the series Ah Nerede, which started on Star TV last Friday, did not come as expected. Although the show didn’t get off to a good start, its hilarious story and engaging social media interactions sparked hope.

The ratings of the second episode of the series, starring Oktay Çubuk and Nil Keser duo, were a matter of great curiosity. The ratings of the new episode of Oh Where is also important that will affect the future of the story.

Good ratings are expected from the second episode of Ah Nerede, which will be broadcast on Friday, July 8 at 20:00. Better results of the series compared to the first episode will increase the morale of the team. However, like many series in the summer period, it seems that the expectation of very high ratings for Ah Nerede will not come true.

The second part of the Ah Nerede series will be lively. So what will happen? Here are the details: While Zehra and the girls’ revenge plan against Ferit continues, Ferit and Zehra try to win the favor of the families.

Zehra must prove to Seniha that she is a suitable bride for the Şerbetlioğlu family, and Ferit must gain Ali’s trust. This situation is as important for Ferit as it is for the girls. Because the continuation of the girls’ plan depends on the continuation of the love game played by Ferit and Zehra against the families.

Ferit, who is unaware of the game set up by the girls, is drawn into a trap day by day. However, Ferit also has a surprise for the girls.

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