A ray of hope appeared in the ratings of the TV series Annemizi Saklarken!
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7 October 2022 09:28


A ray of hope appeared in the ratings of the TV series Annemizi Saklarken!

Star TV made a very smart decision and appeared before the audience with the fifth episode of “Annemizi Saklarken” on the evening of January 5, when no new episode of the series was broadcast. On the evening of the Beşiktaş – Antalyaspor football match, the TV series Annemizi Saklarken achieved its best ratings to date.

The story of the series, which approached average proportions, was quite striking. In the series starring Hande Doğandemir, Kutsi and Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu, the fact that a mother of three ignores her children for her own life caught everyone’s attention.

Although it seems like a bad example of motherhood, the emergence of a different story surprised the fans of the series. Both Hande Doğandemir and Kutsi gave very successful performances.

However, with the very low ratings in the first 4 episodes, hopes were greatly reduced. The rise in the ratings of the fifth episode of the series, Annemizi Saklarken, was a new hope. If this rise continues in the coming weeks, it will be a very positive development for the series.

The fifth episode of the series ranked eleventh in all people, seventh in the EU and eighth in ABC1. It is understood from the rating results that the series, which is very close to the average rates, attracts the attention of a large audience.

Considering that there will not be new episodes of the series again next week, there is another opportunity to build audience loyalty for the Star TV series.

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