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5 July 2022 12:13


A remark from director Altan Dönmez changed Kerem Bürsin’s life!

The famous actor Kerem Bürsin was the guest of the Scenario Talks program broadcast on youtube. Director of Bora Talat Oyacı, asked what he experienced when it comes to Turkey. In 2013 the US Kerem Bürsin coming to Turkey, he has acted in the flow of life came and told us to go back.

Not stay in Turkey as a target actor, casting directors, which met during that period Mine Güler conducted a study with 6 months. Kerem Bürsin, who also took diction lessons and developed his vocabulary with the books he read, was still thinking about returning.

Telling the actors know nobody from the market in Turkey, he has made plans to return to the US after 6 months. Kerem Bürsin, who met with D Yapım at the time for the Waiting for the Sun series, said that he had read the script and saw that he could make the character of Kerem Sayer recommended to him.

Bürsin explained those days as follows: “I went to D Yapım. They are looking at me. They are examining. They was said ‘how sweet is his accent’. Can I play? I said “Take the script, let me see” I read the script. I went back to the office, I said “I will do this” Then I gave an autudion. Altan Dönmez was immediately convinced by the teacher there.”

Kerem Bürsin persuaded Altan Dönmez, the director of the series Waiting for the Sun, in the first attempt and gave up his plan to return to the USA 2 weeks later and started the Waiting for the Sun series.

Both Mine Güler and Altan Dönmez, famous actors in a very important opportunity to reach a point where it was presented to him in Turkey.

In the Golden Butterfly Television Stars Awards held in 2014, Altan Dönmez was also the winner of the “Best TV Series Director” award with the “Waiting for the Sun” series.

The world that Altan Dönmez founded in this series was one of the factors behind the success of his communication with his players and his connection with his team. Altan Dönmez, who is a soft-headed, problem-solving, fatherly man, is also known as a smiling face.

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