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5 July 2022 12:00


Miray Daner gave special details about her new series

Miray Daner was also among the famous names who participated in digital conversations during the quarantine days. Daner, who participated in the conversation on Xoxo Digital’s Youtube channel, made statements about her new project. Behzat Ç. The story written on the character of Ercüment Çözümer, who is familiar with the series and brought to life by Nejat İşler, will be published as a series on the digital platform BluTV.

The project, which Nejat İşler will star in, was interrupted for a while as it coincided with the quarantine days that started due to Covid 19. ‘Respect – Ercüment Çözer’ project, called the corona in Turkey for the first case was about to begin when the reading rehearsals disclosed. Miray Daner explained that the precise hair, makeup and costume rehearsals began to be read at that time, but the situation changed with the pandemic process.

Miray Daner, who previously learned that they will play together in the new project with Boran Kuzum, with whom she played a role in the Wounded Love series, said, “We are working together in a very nice job again. He is both a talented person and a person I love, so I am more excited. ”

Explaining that the project has not stopped completely and that they continue to work in digital environment even though everyone is at home, Miray Daner stressed that she liked the script very much.

Daner stated that the staff has not been announced yet, but she knows, “Our staff is also very nice. I don’t want to give a tip by saying a lot, but it is a job that I am very excited and believe in. We are doing a job and online rehearsals that we are very excited by the team.”

The young actress added that she did not follow Behzat Ç before but watched when she started to take part in the project.


Those who watch the Behzat Ç.-Bir Ankara Police series, which is among the unforgettable TV series starring Erdal Beşikçioğlu, know the character of Ercüment Çözümer, a sociopathic killer. This character, brought to life by Nejat İşler in Behzat Ç, which was later shot for BluTV, continues this time with another series.

It is not clear when the series will start preparations of BluTV, but the project is eagerly awaited after the quarantine period. Inter Medya is the producer of the series, which is about the story of Ercüment Çözümer, a sociopathic character. Behzat Ç. And Mehmed The Conqueror series will be directed by Ali Taner Baltacı, who wrote the script of Ercan Mehmet Erdem.

The story is as follows: Ercüment Çözümer’s path crosses with two young people whom he believes to act for the same purpose one day. Soldier, who is powerful but has numerous wounds in himself, stretches arms to these two idealist young people named Helen and the War. Ercüment Çözümer will talk about the media for the first time in his own city, Istanbul, by mentioning the issues such as the deceit of daytime programs, how unhappy the stars shining on television are in their private lives.

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