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7 July 2022 02:17


Another secret of The Bandits series has been revealed!

The Bandits series, which is broadcast on ATV, has been broadcasted for 5 seasons. The series that made the season finale with its 165th episode won great success. Names such as Oktay Kaynarca, Ozan Akbaba, Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, Burak Sergen, Sanem Çelik are on the staff of the series.

Both the script team and the director Onur Tan and the technical team have a big share in this great success of the series. This harmonious environment, which was established behind the series for 5 seasons, lies. Both at the point of the story and at the point of the technical team, The Bandits is a very lucky series.

With the harmony of the teams, the harmony of the actors and the contribution of the scenario, a job that has been continuing successfully for 5 seasons has emerged. Ozan Akbaba, who plays İlyas Çakırbeyli, mentioned some details in the background of the series in the chat program he participated on youtube.

Thanking the director Onur Tan and his team, the actor said that it was a very successful team and this was very important for the progress of the series.

Ozan Akbaba also shared another secret. The painstaking work to make the characters in The Bandits series continuous has also emerged.

Ozan Akbaba explained the process as follows: “If you want to make a character permanent, you have to let the characters it touches into a circulation. If I speak with a screenwriter. If you want to behave differently in the same circle, this is a huge mistake.

I can say that our screenwriters are doing very well. I saw İlyas in some way with each new character. Someone new is a very good actor but somehow he needs to warm up to the series, script, people, characters. Naturally, they put it in a circulation. ”

Ozan Akbaba stated that every actor who participated in the scenario necessarily got extensive information about the series, compared with each character, thus enabling different characters to interact with each other.

Ozan Akbaba explained the advantages that this added to the series as follows: “When different acting styles, different scenario characters, naturally come next to each other, the two trigger each other. . ”

Ozan Akbaba stated that the process of creating a character in the series and its process of joining the series were achieved through different methods, and in this way, very successful scenes emerged.

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