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5 July 2022 13:30


Hazal Kaya noticed the mistake and corrected it

Hazal Kaya, who participated in a conversation with a live connection via Instagram, admitted that she did not ask for support from her son Fikret Ali during the first months she brought to the world and later realized that she was wrong. While Kaya was raising her son, Dr. Aletha Solteri that benefit from the books, go to seminars explaining that even when it comes to Turkey, shared the information about the crying babies.

Kaya said, “It is necessary to admit that this is an uncontrolled process. Actually, there is someone you have never met and tried to know. It also grows over time, gradually increasing the viewing distance. He expresses all his emotions by crying because there is no other way of expression. ”

Explaining that she has learned a lot from the books she read about letting babies cry, Hazal Kaya stressed that the baby can express his feelings correctly and added that she bears the responsibilities of being a mother in a patriarchal society.

Mentioning the importance of not being able to express her feelings in infancy and childhood behind the increasing violence in society, Hazal Kaya said, “I think that most of that anger is actually due to not knowing how to express emotion correctly. This is reflected in all emotions. Loving is also misunderstood, then the fear of losing is misunderstood by the individual. ”

She saw her mistake.

Kaya explained that she wanted to take care of everything from her baby in the early days after birth, so she realized that her workload grew internally, but that she was wrong when she did not accept help.

Underlining that the baby needs the mother especially in the first 3 months, Hazal Kaya explained that her husband was helping her but there was nothing to do at that time and she said, “He could remove his gas and change his diaper. This was very important. ” She said that her husband emotionally supported her.

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