Artists News A star candidate is born in Personality series!

A star candidate is born in Personality series!


HalukBilginer and CansuDere’s leading role in the ‘Personality’ series of roles RabiaSoytürk, Health College graduate nursing, although he chose to play.

RabiaSoytürk, who portrays the character of ‘Süveyda’ in the ‘Personality’ series directed by Onur Saylak, was trained at Sadri Alışık Cultural Center.

The 19-year-old said that playing a girl who never spoke in her first role was a very different experience for her.

RabiaSoytürk, who opened a topic about internet, has attracted a lot of attention.

RabiaSoytürk, who has been named in the internet as “an actress who has not yet begun to pursue the masses in an interesting way”, is brought forward by his physical qualities …

The followers of the series, who indicated that she will shine well together with Personality, combine in the idea that the young player will be very successful in the future.

We can say that a new star is born with the Personality series.