Artists News Do not see MerveBoluğur’s accessory HandeErçel!

Do not see MerveBoluğur’s accessory HandeErçel!


Would you use it as a gift that your ex-wife gave you as a gift?

MerveBoluğur is now on the agenda for wearing a wristband that MuratDalkılıç has presented as a present during her marriage …

Merve Boluğur, who is one of the remarkable names of recent days, took the opportunity of agenda after MuratDalkılıç departure and was taken to business life but could not catch the desired success.

MerveBoluğur, whom we frequently meet in Istanbul nights, does not take it out of the arm because he believes that the wristband that MuratDalkılıç gave as a gift allegedly brought him luck.

MerveBoluğur, who uses that bracelet in daily life, on special occasions in the shootings, deeply believes in the luck of your wristband.