Series News Surprise sharing from ‘The Death’ series

Surprise sharing from ‘The Death’ series


There are shares from KeremBursin, BirkanSokullu and ElçinSangu.

The Internet platform is increasingly curious about ‘The Death’ which will be released on BluTV.

Turkey’s first domestic-made vampire series coming…

We were going to watch famous names as vampires, and preparations for the series were going on for a long time.

The excitement grew as the players began to share photos from the set.

For the first time from his own social media accounts, actors made shares with the photos of the characters in the row.

The ElçinSangu will play the vampire named Mia. Here is the photo:

KeremBursin plays Dimitry. He also shared his photo from his instagram account “Dimitry & Co.” note is down.

BirkanSokullu also plays a character named Numel. The famous actor shares this photo with the note “Numel #TheDeath” dropped.

Previously the episode was going to be 8 or 10 episodes. In the series, ElcinSangu will play Mia, an impressive vampire who wants to become a man again.

Mia, whom KeremBursin plays as a vampire transformed by Dimitry, will collaborate with the rebels to destroy it.

BirkanSokullu plays a good-hearted vampire.