Artists News A TV series is coming that will suit İbrahim Çelikkol, who is remembered with the movie Fetih 1453!

A TV series is coming that will suit İbrahim Çelikkol, who is remembered with the movie Fetih 1453!


İbrahim Çelikkol, who took part in the phases with the character of Ulubatlı Hasan in the movie Fetih 1453, which met with the audience in 2012, at least had the opportunity to feel the events during the conquest of Istanbul in front of the camera in this project, which has an important place in his career. The movie Fetih 1453, which was also appreciated by the audience, was an indicator of how Çelikkol suits historical productions.

The actor, whom we have watched in very different roles until today, is someone who is highly desired by his fans to be in historical projects. The fact that his name was mentioned for the TV series about the life of Selahaddin Eyyubi, the new project of İbrahim Çelikkol, TRT1, also excited the fans.

After the completion of the second and third seasons of the Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight) series, İbrahim Çelikkol evaluates the offers that come to him. Among these offers is the new historical series of Akli Film, Selahaddin Eyyubi.

It is also known that the project, which is expected to be a joint production of Turkey and Pakistan, is very ambitious and a special plateau has been prepared in Gebze. So who will be the roles in such a special series?

The fact that İbrahim Çelikkol is one of the names in talks for the project, in which the search for actors continues, has also excited the fans of the actor.

Fans, who evaluate that Çelikkol will look very good in historical projects and that there are very good developments for his career, are curiously waiting for how the negotiations will turn out.

Selahaddin Eyyubi, known as the commander who saved Jerusalem from the Crusader occupation, has a very special place in the Islamic world. Actors who will take part in the project will also have a great responsibility in reviving the life story of such a great historical personality.

If an agreement is reached with İbrahim Çelikkol in the Selahaddin Eyyubi series, which is planned to last for 3 seasons, it will not be surprising that the fans of the actor show great interest in this series.