Series News The Camdaki Kız and Aile series didn’t cut it, it’s hard to keep up with Nur Sürer’s pace!

The Camdaki Kız and Aile series didn’t cut it, it’s hard to keep up with Nur Sürer’s pace!


Master actress Nur Sürer has been working tirelessly despite her hard work and intense and impressive performances on TV series sets for 3 years. The actress, who sets an example for young people with this attitude, successfully portrays very tough female characters on the television screen, despite her simple and modest life.

Reviving the character of Feride, who gave the audience a nervous breakdown for 2.5 seasons in the TV series Camdaki Kız (Girl on the Glass), is not something everyone can achieve. The character of Feride strengthened the story so much and impressed the audience so much that Nur Sürer made someone feel as if she was someone who was very different from her own personality.

Right after Nur Sürer’s departure from the Camdaki Kız series, it was part of her talents to bring out a completely different woman with the character of Hülya in the Show TV project named Aile (Family).

The characters of Feride and Hülya stood out as different but tough women. Nur Sürer’s ability to convince the audience with the nuance she puts out while portraying these two different characters, without comparing them at all, shows how wide her talents are.

Nur Sürer, who went through a very intense process with the Aile series after the Camdaki Kız, is willing to work in the summer, showing a pace that even many young actors will have trouble keeping up with.

Right after the season finale with the 13th episode of the family series, Nur Sürer shook hands for a new project.

Nur Sürer, who was also a guest actress in Berkun Oya’s Çocuk (Child) project shot for Netflix, is now going to Söke for another movie.

Nur Sürer, who will portray the character of Gülistan in director Pelin Esmer’s independent film “Is that something too?”

Nur Sürer, who has also revealed her passion for cinema through different projects behind two major TV series like The Camdaki Kız, Aile, sets a good example with her dedication to her profession.