Series News Ömer series is one of the most stable and special productions of this season!

Ömer series is one of the most stable and special productions of this season!


On a difficult Monday evening, the Ömer series provided Star TV with a steady season success. The performances of Gökçe Bahadır and Selahattin Paşalı in the TV series Ömer, which has received the support of a wide audience since its inception, were also praised. Ömer, which is one of the productions in which the fans of the series feel the story most deeply, actually became a series that created awareness in terms of revealing a social reality that is considered taboo in Turkey.

The TV series Ömer, which is about a young man’s love for a woman who is older than him in age and life experience, and resisting all kinds of pressure for his love, also revealed the social realities.

It is a well-known situation in the society that a widowed woman who was married before and has a child from her first marriage wants to step into life again and for this reason she falls in love with someone younger than her.

Also, considering that the young man’s family is known to be a conservative family with high religious sensitivities, the story in the TV series Ömer managed to impress a wide audience.

When we look at both the social media reflections and the rating performances, we see that the series has experienced a very stable process.

Ömer series, which will make the season finale on Monday evening with its 21st episode, became one of the most successful productions of the 2022-2023 season with its story success, narrative style and acting performances.

In the season finale, there are scenes that are expected to deeply affect the audience. It is not known where the love of Gamze and Ömer will lead, but it must be said that there are millions of viewers who are already eagerly waiting for the second season.

In the 21st episode season finale, the scene that shows Ömer’s father Reşat accepting Gamze seems to leave their hearts already.