A TV series is over on ATV, 5 series are solid, 1 series is in the pit!
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27 March 2023 19:52


A TV series is over on ATV, 5 series are solid, 1 series is in the pit!

The start of the new season as of September brought great excitement in ATV. The very successful series from the previous season will continue. In addition, the productions of Kalp Yarası and İkimizin Sırrı, which started in the summer, continue on their way. There is an image that this season will be successful for ATV.

Broadcasting the Kalp Yarası series on Monday evenings, ATV expects this series, which attracts attention in the summer, to receive better ratings with the winter season. The duo of Yağmur Tanrısevsin and Gökhan Alkan was also very popular and the series continues on its way with sure steps.

A new story and an era with new actors will begin for the phenomenon series Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz on Tuesdays. However, the series team has not yet been on the set. There is information that there are some troubles and disagreements. Oktay Kaynarca said that they would be on the set at the end of September. The series is expected to air in October.

The Kuruluş Osman series, which deserves to be the phenomenon of Wednesdays, starts the third season with a big change again. In the story, in which 16 new actors participate, very talented names such as Serhat Kılıç, Yıldıray Şahinler and Rüzgar Aksoy will now meet with the audience. The shooting of the third season of the Kuruluş Osman continues. The new episodes of the series are expected to meet the audience soon.

The fourth season of Bir Zamanlar Çukurova started on Thursday evenings. The change in the series, which opened well and showed that it will present a strong story in the new season, was very impressive. The duo of Erkan Bektaş and İbrahim Çelikkol will change the story a lot in the new season.

Unfortunately, the detective series titled Baş Belası, which was broadcast on Friday evenings, unfortunately ended with its 13th episode on the evening of September 10th. The concept of the series, in which İrem Helvacıoğlu and Seçkin Özdemir took the leading roles, was very popular. Both lead actors were very compatible, but the low ratings brought the series to an end.

On Saturday evenings, Kardeşlerim TV series will continue on its way with its second season. Especially the young actors of the series, which made a great debut in the first season, made great gains. Kardeşlerim opens the new season with its 19th episode on Saturday, September 11th.

On Sunday evenings, ATV’s trump card against strong opponents is İkimizin Sırrı. Unfortunately, the series starring Aras Aydın and Leyla Feray duo did not meet the expectations. The drama story of the series is impressive and the shooting is also very high quality. Also, there is no problem in acting performances. However, the fact that the series İkimiz Sırrı could not get the desired rating does not go unnoticed. Uzak Şehrin Masalı, İçimizden Biri and Teşkilat are starting, and difficult days have come for the ATV series. If the ratings of İkimizin Sırrı drop too low, the final possibility may arise.

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