Sadakatsiz series starts the new season with great pride!
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27 March 2023 20:02


Sadakatsiz series starts the new season with great pride!

The TV series Sadakatsiz, which had a very successful debut in the first season on Kanal D, is counting the days for the second season. There is a possibility that the series will be screened with its 32nd episode on September 15. There is no new season announcement from Kanal D yet, but the team has been shooting for a while.

Before the second season, there are developments that raise the morale of the whole team and cause them to be proud of the series Sadakatsiz… The start of the series in Spain was recorded as a great success.

However, the greater success was the high interest of the Spanish audience for the series. Sadakatsiz, which will increase the spread of Turkish series in Spain, was broadcast on the channel Antenna 3 with its first episode.

It is stated as a great success that the series, which was presented to the audience under the name Infiel, achieved a very high share of 18 percent. The series not only became the first of the day, but also achieved the title of the most watched TV series since December 2020.

In the light of such a great pride, the Sadakatsiz series team is preparing for the second season. After these successes in Spain, the overseas sales of the series are expected to explode.

The series starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen trio made the season finale at the beginning of June. Having rested and stored energy for about 3 months, the team is now ready for the new season. The second season start date of the series is expected to be officially announced very soon.

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