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18 August 2022 20:04


A very dangerous game is being played in the Elkızı series!

What will happen in the fifth new episode of the Elkızı series is eagerly awaited. The series, which managed to impress a wide audience with its story in the first 4 episodes, will be broadcast on Fox TV on Saturday, 20 November at 20.00.

Sevda Erginci and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz met in the lead roles in the TV series Elkızı. The harmony of the duo was liked and new episodes are eagerly awaited. So what will happen in the story in the fifth episode? Here are some details from the new episode:

A greater danger awaits Harun and Nermin, who are struggling with lies. Forgetting that no secret can be kept hidden forever, Nermin finds herself in another lie, but this time she is involved in a very dangerous game.

Torn between believing in Harun or not, Ezo confronts the big lie that was told to him. Now is the time for reckoning. To both Harun and Nermin. Cavidan is Ezo’s biggest supporter. They will act like a family and show the power of Bozdağlı.

The closeness of Ezo and Ali, who got better after the accident, gives Ali hope again. He will now end his years of silence, but another enemy waiting at the door turns everything upside down. Ezo’s life is now in danger as much as her freedom.

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