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12 August 2022 16:01


The start date for TRT1’s highly anticipated series has become clear!

“Tozkoparan İskender” comes to the screens with the first episode of the new season… The expected moment has come! TRT 1’s popular children’s TV series, Tozkoparan İskender, airs the first episode of the new season (Part 27) on Sunday, November 21 at 17.30.

In the new season, Tozkoparan Iskender and his friends will prevent evil with their time travels while they fight their opponents in ethnosports such as Turkish martial arts, mangala and mas wrestling, as well as archery.

What will happen in the new episode of Tozkoparan İskender? Here are the details: Sultan II. Tozkoparan İskender and Mavi Ay, who prevented the planned assassination of Beyazıt, successfully completed their mission. However, the chief engineer Ahriman, who sees how the door of time is opened, prepares a trap for İskender in order to seize Zamangaç and imprisons him. Iskender; Although Salih repels his enemies with the support of Fikri and Mavi Ay, Ahriman manages to steal the Zamangaç and disappears.

Today, however, Rüya ve Savaş realizes that İskender and Mavi Ay are in trouble when they see the drawings that appear in the mysterious book called Time Breaker. Rüya and Fikri, who immediately go to the laboratory where the time machine is located, time travel to save Mavi Ay and İskender. When it is understood that the Kemankeş Hearth is under threat, thanks to the new drawings that appeared in the Time Breaker book, the Tozkoparans immediately return to the present. While the Tozkoparans are trying to save the relics in the Kemankeş Hearth, they realize that everything in Temrenli is not as they left it.

The biggest noticeable change in Temrenli is the Claw Sports Academy. The sign of Claw, which is managed by Haluk, his nephew Cenk, and Efsun teacher, who is a descendant of Chief Engineer Ahriman, reads “Fears Can’t Enter. Claw Does Not Lose”. Claw will be a welcome surprise to an unpleasant present for the Tozkoparans returning from the past.

The family-watched series of TRT 1, Tozkoparan İskender, will be on the screens with the first episode of the new season on Sunday, November 21, at 17.30.

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