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6 July 2022 10:27


A very important change has been made in the show Yemekteyiz with Zuhal Topal!

It’s been a long time since Zuhal Topal quit acting. Now you remember her as the presenter with her cooking shows. The program “Sofrada” with Zuhal Topal, which lasted for 3 seasons on Fox TV, achieved a good position in its field.

However, the famous actress will meet her fans on the tv8 screen in the new season. On the show We are at Table with Zuhal Topal, brides were cooking and mother-in-laws were criticizing them. The program prepared for women will undergo a major change in the new season.

The first trailer of the program Yemekteyiz with Zuhal Topal has been released. You will be able to watch the first episode on Monday, September 13 at 16:00. There are important changes in the program that will be broadcast on weekday afternoons.

First of all, Zuhal Topal will appear in front of her fans with her new image. In addition, male and female contestants compete Yemekteyiz format and give points to each other’s meals. In other words, there is no fiction designed around the mother-in-law and the bride.

Now there are only contestants and they will score each other’s food. Of course, interesting landscapes will emerge. However, the most important change in the new format will be the atmosphere and setting of the program.

The new program, which takes the logic of “Yet We Are”, which you used to watch on tv8, seems to have taken its fiction from the food show of Zuhal Topal on Fox TV.

A mix of the competitions at the Table with Zuhal Topal and with Yemekteyiz was created. The famous presenter will appear on the screen with a fiction just like he did on Fox TV. However, the format of the program will not be different from Yemekyiz.

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