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7 July 2022 00:48


According to Funda Eryiğit, Turkey is a very convenient country for finding stories!

Funda Eryiğit, who received great appreciation from her fans with the character of Canan she portrayed in the Son Yaz series, left in the finale of the first season, causing great sadness.

The second season of Son Yaz, without Funda Eryiğit, only lasted 5 episodes, and the story ended with a total of 26 episodes. Funda Eryiğit, whom we have watched in many projects both in TV series and movies, is actually a very active name in theater.

Funda Eryiğit, who has been in theater plays for many years, is currently on the stage with Hazar Ergüçlü and Kubilay Tunçer in the play called Timsah Ateşi.

Funda Eryiğit, who participated in the program on Zorlu PSM’s youtube channel with her friends from the game, drew attention to the way children are raised in Turkey and explained that our country is a very productive place in terms of storytelling:

“Turkey is already a place with a lot of material. We grow up in the feeling of suppression of “don’t do it, don’t do it, you don’t shut up, you don’t talk”. So we have a hard time finding space to find sources of inspiration and reveal them freely. If you have a more comfortable and liberating family structure, you are lucky, but of course that is also a very rare situation. It seems to me that the difficulty also has an inspiration.”

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