Artists News Açelya Topaloğlu is on the agenda with another project!

Açelya Topaloğlu is on the agenda with another project!


Açelya Topaloğlu, who appeared in front of her fans with the movie Nalan, recently took her place in the Güldür Güldür Show team with the character of Çiçek.

The actress, who also played the character of Betüş in the TV series “Sihirli Annem”, which was broadcast on Exxen in 2021, continues to be on the agenda with different projects. The actress, who was very excited for the movie Nalan, in which she shared the lead role with Sergen Deveci, said, “I really don’t fit in.”

Sergen Deveci told that they made a good movie and that they did a job they can trust when they look back years later. Deveci, who said that they had a lot of fun on the set, said that they were in great excitement.

The movie Nalan, in which names such as Berna Koraltürk, Bülent Alkış, Bahtiyar Engin and Taha Ünal also took part, was released. Açelya Topaloğlu took part in the big screen again after the films Cinayet Süsü and Öldür Beni Sevgilim, which she took part in 2 years ago.

Sharing her thanks on Instagram, the actress said, “And my dear Nalan is in the vision today… But before that it was a wonderful gala and a very nice night… Thank you very much to everyone who was with me at our gala” and thanked everyone who supported me.

Acting as the morning show host Nalan Kazak, Açelya Topaloğlu gave life to a very different role. Nalan, who quit the program after an accident, starts her morning shows again two years later and gives the opposite answers to all the questions asked to her.

Nalan, who was fired from the channel as a result of this crisis, also gets a reaction from the public. Nalan, who wants to get out of this strange situation she is in, needs the support of the people around her.

Açelya Topaloğlu drew attention with her success in this different character she played in the movie, which was quite entertaining.