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3 July 2022 17:24


Actions that smell of advertisements by Can Yaman!.. Or are book sales bad?

Can Yaman’s reputation is taking Europe by storm. Can Yaman, who settled in Italy a while ago and continued acting there, continues to conquer the country. The actor came to the fore with the book about his last life.

Can Yaman’s life story became a book, the book published in Italian caused great excitement among the fans of the handsome actor.

The book “Can Yaman Sembra Strano Anche A Me” (It’s Strange To Me Too) is on sale on Amazon. Can Yaman is mentioned as the author of the book.

The book is available for sale on Amazon. It sells for 18.90 euros. The actor advertised his book in his last post on his Instagram account.

Sharing a photo of him with his book in his hand, Can Yaman wrote “Quale passaggio del libro vi è piaciuto di più?” in Italian, which means “Which book passage did you like the most?”

These shares of the actress, who recently launched a perfume brand and sold none, suggest that she aims to increase the sales of her book.

The introduction to the book reads: “Women love her, men want to be her. Can Yaman, who has millions of fans around the world, is the actor of the moment. But who is he really? What is hidden behind his magnetic eyes and flawless talent?

For the first time, Can is in front of his fans with a sincere and special autobiography. Rewinding the chain of memories, he goes back to the distant days of childhood and the turbulent days of youth to tell everything that happened before popularity.

The bond with the family and economic difficulties, the years of education and the relationship with women: a story that is not afraid to reveal the light curtain of a life that is both extraordinary and complex at the same time. An unpublished, true, and surprising portrait that tells the story of a man, not the achievements of a star.”

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