Actress Nilperi Şahinkaya admitted that she was very brave when she was in love!
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4 February 2023 18:53


Actress Nilperi Şahinkaya admitted that she was very brave when she was in love!

Beautiful actress Nilperi Şahinkaya became the cover star of the new issue of Şamdan Plus Magazine. The actress, who was in front of the lens for the magazine, made striking poses.

Nilperi Şahinkaya, who also shared her poses on her social media account, drew attention with her confession that “I am very brave when I am in love” in an interview with Şamdan Plus Magazine.

The following statements were made about the actress in Şamdan Plus Magazine; “Nilperi Şahinkaya is someone who did not hesitate to say what she felt at every stage of her life, who is not afraid to be herself, and who inspires those around her with her courage. It is on the cover of the new issue of Şahinkaya Şamdan Plus, which is 100% compatible with summer energy with its colorful, humorous and original character.”

Famous actress Nilperi Şahinkaya took part in Cem Yılmaz’s Erşan Kuneri series, which was recently broadcast on Netflix.

The actress, who was among the leading actors and gave a very effective performance, became one of the prominent names of the series with both her talents and beauty.

After the series of Erşan Kuneri was released on Netflix, it was talked about a lot and was criticized for being both the subject of profanity and the story of the erotic filmmaker.

The actress, who played the character of “Seyyal” in the series, said in a statement at that time, “I did not receive any criticism about my character. I wasn’t expecting this much. The character of ‘Seyyal’ was very popular. She was loved more than I thought and I was very happy.”

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