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4 July 2022 08:59


Actress Yonca Türkman, who played a role in Fox TV’s İyilik series, died!

Actress Yonca Türkman, who played a role in many TV series, fell from the balcony of her house on the 15th floor in Gaziosmanpaşa and died. It was stated that Yonca Türkman was alone at home, and an investigation into the incident was initiated. The situation was reported to the police and medical teams. Medical teams determined that the actress died.

Known to be 45 years old, actress Yonca Türkman, after graduating from Istanbul Technical University Textile Engineering Department, worked as a textile engineer in corporate companies for many years.

Yonca Türkman, who took a break from her business life three years ago and started to be interested in the theater and music industry, took part in many TV series. It is seen that the actress, who plays a role in Fox TV’s new series İyilik (Goodness), published a scene in the series in her latest post from her Instagram account.

In the series starring Hatice Şendil and İsmail Demirci, Yonca Türkman gave life to a character who teaches at the school where the couple’s children attend.

Within the scope of the first investigations, it was determined that Yonca Türkman fell from the balcony for an unknown reason. However, the reason for the decline continues to be investigated and investigations into the incident continue.

An investigation has been launched on the incident in which Yonca Türkman died, who fell from the balcony of her house on the 15th floor in Gaziosmanpaşa.

The actress shared her last scene in the series “İyilik” on her Instagram account on June 2 and wrote: “The series that makes you question whether you should do good or not.”

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