Ada Masalı series is over, Alp Navruz renewed his image and gave himself to sports!..
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1 December 2022 05:58


Ada Masalı series is over, Alp Navruz renewed his image and gave himself to sports!..

The star of the famous actor Alp Navruz shone with the series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, published in 2016. The actor, who has been involved in ambitious projects one after the other, was recognized by a wide audience with the character of “Sinan”, which he portrayed in the TV series Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları.

Alp Navruz, who appeared in the TV series “Elimi Bırakma”, “Zümrüdüanka” and finally “Ada Masalı”, is living the brightest days of his career. After the finale in the 25th episode of Ada Masalı series, it turned out that Alp Navruz was offered at least 4 important TV series.

However, Alp Navruz, who does not accept these, both wants to give life to someone different from the characters he played before, and also expects it to be a story that will sink in. The actor continues to rest until he finds the project that fits him.

Meanwhile, the actor, who changed his image and had his hair cut, gave himself to sports. Sharing images of Alp Navruz while kickboxing on his Instagram account, it was not overlooked that he gained some weight in the images.

It was also noted that the actor shortened the length of his longer hair in Ada Masalı series. Alp Navruz also attracted a lot of attention in this country with the start of Ada Masalı TV series in Spain.

Alp Navruz increased his popularity in Spain with his successful performance in the series Ada Masalı. The fact that the actor was selected as the ‘Best Actor’ among all the TV series broadcast in Spain was also recorded as a great success.

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