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9 August 2022 12:28


After Berk Cankat, Furkan Andıç also reacted to male violence!

Furkan Andıç, who appeared in front of his fans with the latest Kara Tahta (Blackboard) series broadcast on TRT 1, received applause from everyone with his performance in this series. The successful actor deserves applause once again for his decision. Furkan Andıç also joined the caravan of actors who reacted to male violence.

Furkan Andıç, one of the handsome faces of the screen, returned to the sets he took a break after the Çatı Katı Aşk (Rooftop Love) series for Kara Tahta (Blackboard), which was shot for TRT 1. The Kara Tahta series, which Andıç shared with Miray Daner, did not last long. And it was decided to make the series final.

However, the Kara Tahta was a different experience for Furkan Andıç. The actor, who has usually acted in romantic comedies, has shown that he is also successful in dramas and received great applause from the audience with his performance in the series.

Furkan Andıç won the appreciation of the audience with his latest decision. Furkan Andıç, who gave an interview to Vogue magazine, said that from now on, he will try to stay out of works involving male violence. Thus, Furkan Andıç joined the caravan of actors who reacted to violence against women in TV series.

The handsome actor Berk Cankat, who made a big debut with the Güzel Köylü (Beautiful Villager) TV series, also reacted very harshly to violence against women in the series. Cankat, who lashed out at the screenwriters in his post on his social media account, wrote: “I hope every penny you will earn from these pieces of garbage you sent as a script is haram! Before the half of 2021, 182 women have been murdered and you are still hanging around saying I am a hot-tempered screenwriter.

Before the 50th page of the garbage you wrote, you normalized violence against women, domestic abuse, animal slaughter, bringing in the sand and many other ugliness, and you explained it very well in your mother tongue that you use half-heartedly. Bravo! “But abee these are selling, these are being watched, the audience wants it!” is not it? You are right too. According to some, all means are fair for money and success. I’m gone bro.”

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