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22 May 2022 18:32


After Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, Disney Plus’s new TV series project will delight humor lovers!

The Disney Plus platform has turned Turkey into a series of production bases, and different projects continue to come up. Famous names from Can Yaman to Demet Özdemir and from Engin Akyürek to Pınar Deniz will take part in the projects to be published on the platform.

While these projects were emerging one by one, Sina Koloğlu, one of the television critics of Milliyet newspaper, conveyed a very interesting information. Sina Koloğlu, who talked about the humor series in the plans of Disney Plus with his social media account, gave the good news by saying Yeraltı Öyküleri (Underground Stories) is becoming a series”.

The subject of making a series out of comics is a new situation for Turkey, but it is a genre that is made a lot in the world.

Reminding that Galip Tekin’s Acayip Öyküler (Strange Stories) project met with the audience as a series on Star TV, Sina Koloğlu announced that the comics of Turkish comics and humorist Ersin Karabulut will be turned into serials.

The project has been presented to Disney Plus by 25 Films and news is awaited. Sina Koloğlu conveyed the information he received about this new series project as follows:

“Ersin Karabulut is one of the most important cartoonists of our time. The stories he drew in Pişmiş Kelle, Gırgır, Lombak, Penguen and his work in Uykusuz (Sleepless), of which he was the founder, influenced our generation. Unforgettable Yeraltı Öyküleri (Underground Tales) will most likely be produced by Disney Plus as a series.

What I’m hearing is that a production company that is no stranger to this world will shoot the series; 25 Films (Owned by Fırat Parlak). It’s more of a new project right now that I’m hearing. A response from Disney headquarters is awaited for the script work. My guess is that the project will be accepted.”

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