Artists News Let’s sit crooked and talk straight, sometimes I can’t stand myself! Interesting confession from Pınar Deniz!

Let’s sit crooked and talk straight, sometimes I can’t stand myself! Interesting confession from Pınar Deniz!


Famous actress Pınar Deniz has become a name that catches the eye and is remembered for her achievements with her amazing performance in the TV series Yargı (Judgment). Pınar Deniz, who has accomplished important works in different projects to date, is at the peak of her career as the leading actress of a strong story that affects a wide audience like the Yargı.

The Yargı series has made its second season finale, and all viewers are already eagerly waiting for what will happen in the third season. Another excitement of Pınar Deniz is her new digital series called Aktris (Actress).

She starred with the famous actress Uraz Kaygılaroğlu in the Aktris series, which will be broadcast on Disney Plus on May 31. The fact that the series will be broadcast in Turkey as well as in many countries of the world that Disney Plus has reached, caused to wonder about the reactions to come.

Pınar Deniz took a rest because of the summer break on the set of the Yargı series. Pınar Deniz, the guest of actor İbrahim Selim’s program on youtube, give interesting information about herself. Explaining that she was afraid of cats for a while and therefore adopted a cat by going over her fear, the actress also mentioned that she loves to eat.

Explaining that she participated in the detox camp and stayed in the 3-day camp for 2 days, the actress said with a laugh that she convinced even the camp manager to order dessert. Pınar Deniz stated that she likes to eat and does not tolerate hunger by saying “I am not me when I am hungry”.

In another statement he made on the program, the famous actress admitted that she sometimes could not stand it. Pınar Deniz said, “Sometimes I can’t stand myself. Let’s sit down and talk straight, sometimes I can’t stand myself. Because I live so much in my head. I live with the flow, but I also get drowned in a lot of thoughts,” she said.

Underlining that she does not have a role that she accepts as the amount, the actress said that she also very much desires to play the life of American singer Lana Del Rey. The famous actress also mentioned that she was worried that these words would make headlines in the press, and added that she gave this answer because this name first came to her mind.