Series News After the Alparslan series, the expectations of Barış Arduç fans increased!

After the Alparslan series, the expectations of Barış Arduç fans increased!


Barış Arduç played the leading role in the successful two seasons of the Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu (Alparslan Great Seljuk) series. The series project, in which the Great Seljuk State, one of the most important periods of Turkish history, is told, took place on the screen through two different fictions. The Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu (Awakening Great Seljuk) series, which first told about the Melikşah period, met with the audience and Buğra Gülsoy took the lead role.

In the second editing process, this time the story went backwards and the period of Alparslan, one of the most important sultans of the Great Seljuk State, met with the audience. This period lasted for two seasons and Barış Arduç enchanted his fans with the character of Alparslan.

It is also known that many offers were made to Barış Arduç after he left the TV series project, which was prepared for the powerful history of the Great Seljuk State.

The famous actor is in the process of evaluating these offers, but according to the information received, he will take part in the new series project of OGM Pictures, which has a special agreement with Star TV.

Barış Arduç fans are also wondering how the actor’s career rise, which started with the TV series Kiralık Aşk (Rent for Love), will continue with the series of projects he achieved with the TV series Alparslan.

Barış Arduç, who is known for Kiralık Aşk and reached a very large fan base with the broadcast of the series in many countries of the world, could not get exactly the results he wanted in the projects he took part in the next period.

However, the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series broke this process and the actor once again managed to impress millions with the project he performed very successfully.

Now, the fans of the famous actor are eagerly waiting for what will happen in the new series project. The fans of the famous actor, who is expected to be on Star TV in the new season with a very different and powerful series after his agreement with OGM Pictures, which gained a significant success in the sector, are following the developments with excitement.

Expectations are high and information has started to come that Barış Arduç will take part in a very effective project in the new winter season.

As well as the details of Barış Arduç’s new series and his new character, it is also wondered which famous actress will take the lead role.