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12 August 2022 17:27


After the TV series Benim Adım Melek, Ulvi Kahyaoğlu stands out again in his new series!

Playing the character of Berk in the Tozluyaka series, Ulvi Kahyaoğlu is a name that has shown a successful acting performance and made his name known to large audiences with the TV series Benim Adım Melek (My Name is Melek). The character of Berk in the Tozluyaka series, which Fox TV screened on Monday evenings, also helped the actor reveal his different abilities.

Filmed in Gaziantep, Benim Adım Melek Melek TV series was the first project of the actor and he started to create his own fan base with his successful performance that lasted for two seasons. It is an important success for Ulvi Kahyaoğlu to return to the screen with Tozluyaka after the short series called “Elbet Bir gün”.

The character of Berk, played by the actor, is also a troubled person, and we can understand from the images reflected on the screen that Kahyaoğlu is a good choice to portray such a character.

Ulvi Kahyaoğlu said, “I am playing the character of Berk in this story. Berk is a troubled character. He has many problems in himself and we see that these problems are reflected in his own environment during the main story process.”

The character of Berk is one of the nerve endings of the story and it is immediately clear that Ulvi Kahyaoğlu is a good choice for this role. The young actor strongly reflects the feelings and emotions of the character of Berk, who grows up in wealth but cannot overcome his own internal problems.

The actor said, “We will watch a story where a person who is not valued correctly cannot learn to value correctly, and in the process, he will face the troubles of this and meet himself again.”

With these words, Berk is a character that reflects the negative aspects of wealth in personal development. Ulvi Kahyaoğlu also moves with his over and over again, and with this new character, he shows those who think that the rich are happy, in fact, nothing is as it seems.

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