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12 August 2022 14:19


After years, Alp Navruz and Alina Boz duo took their fans to the time of the popular TV series Elimi Bırakma

Alina Boz and Alp Navruz, who were partners in the TV series called Elimi Bırakma series of TRT1 in 2018-2019, came together for the August issue of Marie Claire Magazine.

The two famous names on the cover of the magazine were just at the beginning of their journey when they came together in the series Elimi Bırakma.

Alina Boz played the characters of “Azra” and Alp Navruz played the characters of “Cenk” in the series signed by Üs Yapım, which lasted for two seasons. The series has an important place in the careers of both actors. Boz and Navruz duo are now sought after faces of the screens.

For the duo, who were also the advertisement faces of a clothing company after Elimi Bırakma, the expressions were given in Marie Calire Magazine, “We had a great shoot with our talented, successful and harmonious cover stars Alina Boz and Alp Navruz.”

Fans of the two famous actors gave thousands of comments to the photo, such as ‘You are gorgeous’ and ‘You are very beautiful’. Alina Boz has accomplished great things in her acting adventure, which she started with the character of ‘Hazal’ in the TV series Paramparça (Shattered) in 2014.

Alina Boz, who has millions of fans and shows herself in both TV series and cinema, and is widely spoken abroad with her performance in digital TV series, is among the famous names that Disney Plus has made deals with. The actress will appear in the Fox TV series Zengin Kız (Rich Girl) in the new season.

Alp Navruz, who we watched with the character of ‘Poyraz’ in the TV series Ada Masalı (Rose Tale), last broadcast on Star TV, scrutinizes the project selection. The actor does not have a clear project for the new season yet.

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