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29 May 2022 05:32


Akın Akınözü’s return to the screen with his new series was like a fire!

Akın Akınözü appeared in front of his fans with the character of Cemal in the Star TV series titled “Kaderimin Oyunu”. We watched the actor’s big career break with the character of Miran, which lasted for 3 seasons in the Hercai series. Akın Akınözü, who gained a wide fan base not only in Turkey but also abroad, continues to appear on the screens with another drama production.

The decrease in interest in the TV series “Kaderimin Oyun”, which started on Star TV and got very good ratings for the first episodes, has been reflected in the ratings in recent weeks. Published in the seventh episode, the series is not followed with enthusiasm and curiosity as in the first episodes. It will not surprise anyone that the ratings of the series will drop a little more in the upcoming episodes. Even if the rapid unfolding of the events ensures that the excitement continues, there is a possibility that there will be problems with the scenario in the following episodes. The unfolding of events so quickly disturbed some viewers. Because that means the story is starting to run out. That’s why it doesn’t surprise anyone that the show’s debut is like a chaff fire.

While the fans of the TV series abroad continue to support Akın Akınözü very intensely, the viewers of the domestic TV series offer support to the actors according to the story and the impressiveness of the character. Even though Akın Akınözü received a lot of attention from his fans at first, we observe that this situation has started to change and the actor is less talked about on social media. However, the actor’s performance of Cemal is very successful and impresses the audience. After Hercai, it has to be said that Akın Akınözü once again received positive feedback from his fans.

Although the support for Akın Akınözü is still strong on social media, it seems that the excitement in the first period of the series has waned. Kaderimin Oyunu was featured on twitter again with thousands of messages on Friday. Fans of the show did their best, but as the ratings were expected to rise, that didn’t happen.

We see that the TV series “Kaderimin Oyunu” starring Öykü Karayel and Sarp Apak can no longer receive the above-average ratings. These ratings, which have decreased to average rates, are still very good results for Star TV. Because the best rated production of the channel continues to be the series “Kaderimin Oyunu”.

However, it is observed that the series lost power in the Friday competition and that, among 7 different productions, “Kaderimin Oyunu” had problems in getting the audience to accept itself. If Star TV changes the day, there is a possibility that it will reflect more positively on the series.

The eighth new episode of Kaderimin Oyunu will be broadcast on Friday, February 11, and exciting scenes await the audience.

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