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6 July 2022 19:05


Aleyna Solaker, the ‘Meral’ of ‘Kırgın Çiçekler’, wants to return to the screens!

Aleyna Solaker, who made a name for herself with the character of “Meral” in the TV series “Kırgın Çiçekler”, which said goodbye to the screens three years ago, most recently played the character of “Çiçek” in the series “Hizmetçiler”, whose screen adventure took a short time.

The young actress, who has been away from the screens for a while, was on the cover of the September issue of the Wardrobe Magazine. Stating that she had the opportunity to rest during the pandemic period and is ready to work on new projects, Aleyna Solaker; “After a long period of being closed and left to ourselves due to the pandemic, I am very happy to be able to see my family and friends these days when we can now socialize carefully. I am ready to work as I sit down and rest well. I used to do a lot of puzzles at home, but I also took a break from it; I think I’m starting to cook more now. I always go to my mom and get recipes and try them,” she explained.

The young star, who is determined to take firm steps forward in the acting world, which adorned her childhood dreams, sincerely told about her dreams, being an actress, love and all the curious about her in the interview. Saying that she dreamed of being an actress since her childhood, Solaker said, “I am very excited to even do this because I have wanted to do it since my childhood; because being an actress was something I wanted and dreamed of. That’s why I feel more excitement and happiness in every role I play. I am a very energetic person, but I get very bad when I am in a bad mood; unfortunately there is no middle ground. I guess I always experience all the emotions in the highest way and I think that I can get tired of everything right away. My favorite things are traveling and having fun,” she said.

So, does the young actress find herself successful? “I try to do everything I do as well as I can, even the smallest thing. That’s why I can’t say ‘I am very successful’; As long as I’m happy myself, I can say I’m fine. When a new project arrives, we first talk directly with my manager. I’ll ask her right away, because he knows me well, we can easily get along. If I feel comfortable with the script and my role, then it is suitable for me.”

Does the actress, who draws attention with her fit image, have a special exercise routine? “I used to do pilates in the early days of the pandemic and before, but I am usually one of those people who get enthusiastic and do it for 2-3 months in a disciplined way. Then I start again. As for nutrition, I have been eating one meal for the last 2 years, except on weekends; but don’t mind when I say one meal, it can be a bit like 2 meals at a time. On weekends, I eat 2 meals; It doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or unhealthy, frankly.”

Stating that she is currently in the evaluation phase of the offers, the actress said, “We are reading and evaluating the scenarios. I want to start working again this year. That’s why we can say that I can be on the screens soon.”

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