Artists News Alperen Duymaz, the Akgün of the Son Yaz series, is preparing for a new project after Erkek Severse!

Alperen Duymaz, the Akgün of the Son Yaz series, is preparing for a new project after Erkek Severse!


Alperen Duymaz has become one of the most sought after actors of recent years! Alperen Duymaz, one of the successful actors of the young generation, has become one of the most sought-after actors of recent years after the character of Akgün, played in the TV series Son Yaz (Last Summer). A name whose return to the screen is eagerly awaited by his fans, finally played the leading role in beIN CONNECT’s TV series Erkek Severse (If a Man Loves).

It was said that Alperen Duymaz, who won the minds with his successful acting and performance with the character of Akgün in the Son Yaz series, will soon return to the television screens with a new series. These allegations were asked to the actor who went to the hospital on the day Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’s son Kurt Efe was born.

Alperen Duymaz said, “Our new works will begin. We go to meetings. There is a project, let’s not say anything for now. Keep it secret. The production side makes the necessary explanation.” While he was thinking that the actor confirmed the sensations with his statement, the opposite corner came.

The details of the famous actor Alperen Duymaz’s new project have emerged. According to the news of Birsen Altuntaş from TV100, Alperen Duymaz will play the leading role in the movie Kül (Ash) written by Erdi Işık, who is known for his successful plays and movie scripts such as “Dali’nin Kadınları”, “Sultana” and “Düğün Şarkıcısı”. Contrary to expectations, the successful actor will appear in front of his fans with a movie, not a series project.

Erdem Tepegöz, whose films “Zerre” and “Gölgeler İçinde” were showered with awards, will be directed by Ay Yapım for Netflix. In the movie, in which Alperen Duymaz will give life to the carpenter named “Metin Ali”, the events will begin with the text of the book named Kül sent to Acar Publications. Discussions about the other cast of “Kül” continue.