Artists News Alperen Duymaz’s decision to return to television series made his fans happy

Alperen Duymaz’s decision to return to television series made his fans happy


Alperen Duymaz, one of the most admired actors of the last period, will make his fans very happy with this decision. Because it is said that the next project of the handsome actor will not be on a digital platform, but on a television channel.

Alperen Duymaz, who stepped into the world of TV series with Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar (Little Sweet Liars) and took part in TV series such as Bodrum Masalı, Çukur, Zemheri, made his biggest debut with the Son Yaz (Last Summer) series. The handsome actor increased his fan base with the Akgün character he played in the Son Yaz series.

The handsome actor appeared in front of his fans with the TV series Erkek Severse, which was broadcast on BeinConnect. Although the romantic series that Alperen Duymaz shared with Büşra Develive and Yasemin Allen was criticized by the audience, it was generally liked. The Erkek Severse series made its finale with the 25th and 26th episodes shared on April 14.

Now is the time for a new project for Alperen Duymaz. It was revealed a while ago that the handsome actor chose his new project. He even confirmed this development in his statement to the journalists and said, “Our new business will begin. We go to meetings. There is a project, let’s not say anything for now. Keep it secret. The production side will make the necessary explanation.”

After this announcement, it was a matter of great curiosity where Alperen Duymaz’s new project would be published. Allegedly, the handsome actor’s new project will this time be on the television channel, not the digital platform. This news will of course make Alperen Duymaz’s fans very happy.