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5 July 2022 12:14


An event that will set an example for everyone who has gone through Can Yaman!

Interesting fan love that went through Can Yaman! Can Yaman is a very popular Turkish actor. He has strong muscles and is admired by many female fans for his body.

Can Yaman, who does sports and takes good care of himself, became famous for his TV series. The actor, who interacts with a large fan base thanks to social media, sometimes receives interesting requests.

In his interviews, Can Yaman shares his experiences from time to time. The famous actor also felt responsible for an 80-year-old fan who fell in love with his in Spain.

Explaining that he is careful not to misunderstand the messages he receives and tries to be respectful to everyone, Can Yaman does not want to break anyone’s heart.

At one point, the 80-year-old Spanish fan of the player appeared. The daughters of this fan made a request to the Turkish actor to convince their mother for treatment. Describing this interesting event that happened to him, Can Yaman said, “Once, I was called by the daughters of an 80-year-old woman who fell in love with me in Spain to convince me to be treated.”

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