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12 August 2022 16:33


An important change in Zengin Kız, which brings Alina Boz and Tarık Emir Tekin together!

Preparations for the Zengin Kız (Rich Girl) series, which brings together Alina Boz, one of the brightest actresses of recent years, with Tarık Emir Tekin, who made a big break with the TV series Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), are in full swing. A very important change was made in the series, which is expected to be on the set soon.

Nazan Kesal will accompany young actors Alina Boz and Tarık Emir Tekin in the lead roles in the TV series Zengin Kız, shot by Med Yapım for Fox TV. Alina Boz will play a babysitter in the series, which is expected to be on the set very soon.

While the preparations for the series continued at full speed just before the set, a significant change was made in the series. The name of the show, which was originally announced as Zengin Kız (Rich Girl), was changed to Kupa Kızı (Queen of Hearts). The series will henceforth be known as the Kupa Kızı.

Alina Boz, who recently appeared on the screen with Maraşlı, will finally meet her fans after a long time with the Kupa Kızı series. Alina Boz took a break from TV series sets after she came of age with the Maraşlı TV series and starred in the movie Bandırma Missile Club.

It is stated that Alina Boz will appear in front of the audience with a character very different from the roles she has played so far with the Kupa Kızı series. This journey of Zeynep character, who will take place in a story from poverty to wealth, tells one of the most interesting stories of today’s world.

Kupa Kızı will be the second series experience of Alina Boz’s partner in the series, Tarık Emir Tekin. Tarık Emir Tekin, who returned to Turkey after studying acting in London and successfully portrayed the character of Selçuk in the TV series “Sadakatsiz” (Unfaithful), will take the lead role for the first time in the TV series Kupa Kızı.

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