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17 May 2022 04:20


And Miray Daner returns to the screen! Check out the new series, what channel is it on?

Miray Daner, who has acted in serials and movies since her childhood, finally came to the screen with Bir Litre Gözyaşı series. Sanem Çelik, Tolga Tekin and Mert Yazıcıoğlu took the lead role in the series, which has a pathetic, dramatic story and was broadcast on Kanal D. However, when the series did not see the expected interest, it said goodbye to the screen in 15 episodes.

Miray Daner, one of the successful names of the young generation, turned the route to digital this time after this experience and has not been on the screen since February 2019. After 3 years, Miray Daner is getting ready to return to the screen!

In fact, Miray Daner made a splash with her projects shot for different digital platforms during this time. She first appeared in Netflix’s first Turkish fantasy production, Hakan: Muhafız, as the Oracle. Then, she appeared in front of the camera in a contradictory role with Boran Kuzum and Nejat İşler in the TV series “Saygı”, which was shot for BluTV.

After these successful productions, Miray Daner starred with Birce Akalay and İbrahim Çelikkol in the Netflix series Bird Flight.

Her fans have been waiting for 3 years to see her in a TV drama and finally the young actress has accepted a drama that will be shot for TRT1! Miray Daner is preparing to take a role in the channel’s new and ambitious production, Kara Tahta.

She will take the lead role with Furkan Andıç in the series produced by Üs Yapım. The series, whose script was written by Erkan Birgören, is being prepared as a youth series. In the series, Furkan Andıç gives life to the character of Atlas, who returns as a mathematics teacher to the place where she had problems during her high school years. Miray Daner will play Atlas’ old love Irmak. Preliminary preparations for Kara Tahta series continue and an impressive production is expected to meet the audience soon.

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